Neuronal cells in mammalian brains interact with neighbouring non-neuronal cells and form complex circuits that are responsible for intelligence, thoughts, sensations, memories, body movements, feelings, and behaviours. Understanding how such brain functions emerge from the patterns of communication between neuronal and non-neuronal cells is one of the most complex challenges that modern neuroscientists are facing. Over the last decade, an increasing number of studies reported a yet unknown line of communication between neuronal cells and immune or metabolic systems, thus adding to the rapidly growing body of evidence suggesting that the brain and body are more connected than previously thought. Such transversal interactions have arisen from gradual species evolution, and have been exquisitely shaped by precise developmental programs. Our one-day symposium entitled Multifaceted Brain Communication is intended to allow an in-depth discussion of the communication pathways involving neuronal and non-neuronal cells and immune and metabolic systems by focusing on i) evolution across species, and ii) its  relationships with disease states.

Registrations start May 1st 2023, end August 31st 2023