• Mental health, a taboo still alive today
    At the start of the spring term, I'd like to share with you one of my recent reads, Les Dragons by Belgian journalist and writer Jérôme Colin...
  • Towards integrated healthcare
    The directors of Switzerland's university hospitals recently took to the media to call on the authorities in the face of rising healthcare costs...
  • Fifty-fifty ?  
    On the occasion of International Women's Day 2023, I would like to take a look at the salary analysis recently carried out by our Human Resources Department.
  • What Determinants of Health?
    The New Yorker published an article in the summer of 2021 comparing public health policy in Costa Rica to that of the United States. The result is clear...
  • Artificial intelligence: what is at stake for the university?
    I was recently amused by a seemingly light-hearted piece of information: a French doctoral student has created a web page on which you can enter a word and find out in return what your political orientation is.


Created in February 2022, this blog aims to establish a direct communication channel between the Rector of the University of Lausanne Frédéric Herman, the community of the university and the City.


More personal, its content opens a window on the daily life of the Direction, its experience, its enthusiasms and concerns.

Current issues, personal favourites, personal concerns, the thinking developed here is to be understood above all as a subjective sharing of experiences likely to nourish exchanges, and as a constantly renewed invitation to discover new projects, personalities and angles of view.

A coffee with the Rector

You are a member of the UNIL community and you are interested in its future. Do you have questions or proposals for strengthening it ? The Rector is ready to discuss with you and answer your questions about UNIL's major projects and the future of its community. To this end, he invites the members of the UNIL community to a monthly "Café-échange" in his office at Unicentre.

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