This website aims at presenting the teaching activities related to spatial analysis at the University of Lausanne. It is mainly about is the Spatial Analysis specialization of the Master of Geography at the University of Lausanne.

You can find here more information about the specialization such as samples of works done within its frame, its detailed curriculum, the teachers that are affiliated to it, etc.

About the specialization

The specialization “Spatial Analysis and Complex Systems” of the Master of Geography at the University of Lausanne is a unique training in French-speaking Switzerland.

It provides the conceptual and methodological tools for developing territorial governance strategies focusing on the interactions between several groups of actors operating at different geographical scales. Mastery of concepts and tools is coupled with the development of strategic and innovative approaches. Students will acquire a solid training in the construction, processing, analysis, and representation of quantitative and qualitative geographic information using GIS, social networks analysis, simulations, and big data.

It aims to train executives from public or private sectors, able to design and develop studies and communicating visualizations based on spatial modeling

  • Statistical and modeling managers for local authorities or companies.
  • Spatial analysis and complex systems specialists, capable of processing, representing, and inventing new sources of data in the future.

This Master’s orientation is intended for any student holding a Bachelor’s degree in geosciences, geography, social sciences, natural sciences, environment, physics, mathematics, or any other equivalent training.