Group Members

Current Group Members

Gilles Antoniazza, Doctorant

Mathilde Bayens, Doctorante

David Dörthe, Doctorant

Marjolein Gevers, Doctorante

Nazimul Islam, Doctorant

Matt Jenkin, Doctorant

Stuart Lane, Professor

Davide Mancini, Doctorant

Gelare Moradi, Doctorante

Tom Müller, Doctorant

Jonas Paccolat, Doctorant (EPFL)

Matteo Roncoroni, Doctorant

Jamal Shokory, Doctorant

Tibor Talas, Doctorant

Yuni Yuskar, Doctorante

Former Group Members at the University of Lausanne

Dr. Maarten Bakker, Doctorant, 2014-2018, now SNSF post-doc, Irstea, Grenoble

Dr. Nico Bätz, Doctorant 2011-2016, now post-doc EAWAG

Dr. Marta Boix-Canadell, Doctorante 2015-2019

Dr. Pascal Egli, Doctorant 2016-2022, now post-doc NUIST

Dr. Chrystelle Gabbud, Doctorante 2014-2019, now Environmental Manager, Alpiq SA

Valentine Grunwald, Stagiaire

Dr. Annegret Larsen, Première assistante, 2015-2018, now lecturer Wageningen University, Netherlands

Dr. François Mettra, MA-suppléant, 2016-2020, now researcher EPFL

Dr. Natan Micheletti, Doctorant 2011-2016, now at SwissTopo

Floreana Miesen, SNSF Chercheuse Junior (Technicienne), now Technician UNIL-Idyst

Dr. Yufang Ni, Boursière Chinoise 2019-20, completing PhD

Dr. Luiz Gustavo Rasera, Doctorant, 2015-2019

Dr. Janine Ruëgg, Première assistante (rattachée au CIRM)

Dr. Stefan Utz, Doctorant 2013-17

Hong Wei, Boursier Chinois, 2021-22

Dai Wen, Boursier Chinois 2019-20, completing PhD

Gao Yunjian, Boursier Chinois, 2011-22