About Us

Welcome to the Applied Artificial Intelligence Lab (AAIL). Our multi-disciplinary research program aims to identify solutions and frameworks for dealing with organizational and technical hurdles that business organizations face when adopting AI-based systems. 

In an era where artificial intelligence has become a transformative force across industries, we are driven by a passion for leveraging AI to create tangible and impactful solutions. AI algorithms have the potential to benefit businesses by reducing coordinating costs and enhancing decision-making accuracy. We strive to apply the latest advancements in AI to address complex challenges and the integration of AI in Management within business organizations.

At the AAIL, we are bridging the gap between academia and industry. We also collaborate with SAIL of ETH Zurich to bring AI out of the lab to tackle multifaceted problems.

Join us at the AAIL where we unlock the potential of AI to reshape the world around us.