The visual collaboration lab is located at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne, Switzerland and headed by Pr. Yves Pigneur and Pr. Stéphanie Missonier .
Our research focuses mainly on the development of visual collaborative tools that aim at supporting team in solving problems and/or innovating.

What are visual collaborative tools ?

Visual collaborative tools have recently emerged and gained popularity to innovate and/or address problems collaboratively within teams (Avdiji et al., 2018). By providing a shared language and/or a shared visualization (Bresciani and Eppler, 2009; Comi and Bresciani, 2017), they support several challenges of collaboration related to sense-making and sense-giving and action planning in multi- or transfunctional teams. One of the goals of these tools is to assist teams to explore and/or brainstorm on a given problem. This is especially useful in processes which need to generate new options and alternatives through design. These tools allow for better structuring and bounding of a problem and facilitate solution searches in innovative ways during collaboration (Osterwalder and Pigneur, 2010; Van der Pijl et al., 2016).




Brand identity presented at HICSS 2019

Brand identity is paramount for companies. Owing to the advancement of technology, faster innovation, growing competition, and more demanding consumers, managing a brand is becoming increasingly complex. This is especially true for entrepreneurs in startups and SMEs, who may not have the knowledge and various resources to ensure a clear branding strategy. This paper describes …

Designing solutions to complex problems

Organizational life, and indeed the world, is full of complex, poorly defined, so called “ill-structured” problems that need solving. While teams have a variety of tools to choose from to help tackle these problems, those tools invariably fail to address both the challenges of working collaboratively and of addressing the specific problem at hand. Designing …

Soutenance de thèse Hazbi Avdiji

Hazbi defends his thesis on monday 4th of June at UNIL. Title: SUPPORTING THE CHALLENGES OF CROSS-BOUNDARY TEAMWORK THROUGH DESIGN SCIENCE RESEARCH Abstract: In this doctoral dissertation, I relate six studies I have performed to address three challenges that cross-boundary teams (teams with great knowledge diversity) face: the challenge of coordinating knowledge and contributions, the challenge …