Workshop 09/18

We are happy to announce the contributors to our workshop on tolerance in early modern Britain, which will take place September 7 and 8 2018 at the University of Lausanne.

You find the poster of the workshop here, and the flyer here.

On Tolerance and Toleration in 17th and 18th-century England and Scotland


Aaron Denlinger (Arma Dei Academy / Westminster Theological Seminary):
The Aberdeen Doctors (c.1620-1641) on Tolerable and Intolerable Tolerance

Simon Burton (University of Edinburgh):
Samuel Rutherford on Covenant, Conscience and Consent

Giovanni Gellera (Université de Lausanne):
Christian Tolerance’ and ‘Tolerance of the Christians’: Notes on a Theory of Tolerance in James Dundas’s
Idea philosophiae moralis (1679)

Louisiane Ferlier (The Royal Society):
George Keith (1639-1716), Mapping Tolerance from Presbyterian Scotland to Quaker Pennsylvania

Sarah Hutton (University of York):
Sir John Finch on Religious Toleration: An Expatriate Perspective

Tim Stuart-Buttle (University of York):
The Two Tables of Government: Considering Locke’s (Second) “Strange” Doctrine

Elena Muceni (PhD Tor Vergata Roma / Université de Genève):
Tolerance as the Choice of the Lesser Evil: A Rereading of Bernard Mandeville’s “Sociology”

Christian Maurer (Université de Lausanne):
‘The Grievances from Toleration’: Scotland Heading Towards the Enlightenment

Thomas Ahnert (University of Edinburgh):
Toleration and Moderation in the Scottish Enlightenment

James Foster (University of Sioux Falls):
‘Of the Civil Magistrate’: John Witherspoon on Religious Toleration and the Role of the State in Religion

James Harris (University of St Andrews):
Locke, Proast, Priestley, Price


Updates on the programme can be found on this page shortly.