SINAPP Challenge

Welcome to the SINAPP Challenge – the Swiss Islands in North America App!

This app challenge aims to capture language use and cultural practices of Swiss people living in North America. It allows you to capture different aspects of Swiss heritage, notably by filling in a short questionnaire, by taking geo-localized pictures, and by making audio recordings.

The SINAPP challenge runs from 28 August to 31 October 2017.


1. Preparing for the SINAPP Challenge

Before taking part in the challenge, please carefully read the challenge information sheet that you can find here:

SINAPP Challenge Information Sheet

If you agree to take part in the challenge, please fill in and sign the Information Consent Form (see below) and return it to the research team.

SINAPP Information Consent Form

Once you have signed the consent form and returned it to the researchers, you are set to start the challenge.

In case of questions, please contact Anita Auer –


2. Instructions on how to take part in the SINAPP Challenge

a) Download the app CIVIQUE via App Store/Google Play onto your mobile phone.










b) When starting the app, identify yourself via your facebook account OR via an email account. If you choose the FACEBOOK identification option, click on the blue button (facebook) and login with your regular facebook login and password. You are then ready to go straight away.

If you choose to identify yourself via EMAIL, you will need to register first. Click on “Registration” below the email button. Fill in the required information. Provide your email address and create a NEW PASSWORD (Don’t use your regular email password). When you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email to your email address. Once you have verified that, you are ready to login. You then have to login to the challenge via the green button (email) with your email address and the new password. Now you are ready to go.

c) CIVIQUE contains a number of different “challenges”. Select the “Swiss Islands in North America” challenge.










d) Read the consent form and click the box if you agree, then click on “Join”.










e) The menu (always accessible via “NEW”) contains different activities. You will first be asked to supply some personal information and answer questions about your Swiss identity. Once you have done that, you unblock the second part of the challenge where you will be asked to take pictures and make a recording. It is important that you activate localization as CIVIQUE can then trace where the pictures are taken. You can repeat the second part of the challenge several times if you like, but you cannot edit the personal information.






























Enjoy the SINAPP challenge and thanks for taking part in it!