Defend the interests of the Corps intermédiaire of the Faculty;
Represent its members with both academic and political authorities;
Collaborate with other associations of the Faculty and of the University;
Encourage connections and exchanges between its members.


The “corps intermédiaire” members as described in the “Loi sur l’Université de Lausanne” (LUL), in the “Règlement d’application de la LUL” (RaLUL) and in the “Règlement de la Faculté”
The PhD students registered with the Faculty.

The members of the “corps intermédiaire” and the Ph.D. students are members of the ACIGE as soon as they are employed or registered for a thesis.

Members of the ACIGE loose their membership if they resign their contract, or address to the ACIGE committee a resignation letter.


President: Jérémie Sanchez
Secretary: Nasrin Amini
Treasurer: Gelare Moradi
Members: Ignes Contreiras, Matteo Scarponi, Simone Ranocchiari