Speakers & Abstracts

List of speakers, titles and abstracts:

Auer, Anita: Urban literacies and processes of supralocalization: a historical sociolinguistic perspective (Abstract)

Craggs,Ruth, Camilla Schofield, Becky Taylor & David Feldman:Transforming Britain: Colonial expertise and the mobility of urban ideas: Rethinking the ‘Inner City’ (Abstract)

Humphreys, Brendan: Hell is a city much like London: The Victorian city as world and underworld (Abstract)

Neate, Hannah & Ben Rogaly: Transforming Britain: New towns, overspill and mobilities (Abstract)

Nevala, Minna & Brendan Humphreys: The dark side of urbanisation: The social margins in 19th-century London (Abstract)

Rogaly, Ben: Alone together: The social life of benches in outer London’s public spaces (Abstract)

Todd, Richard : On urbanisation and the ‘melting pot’: Examining ethnic exposure in the chief social domains (Abstract)