University of Mons

Institute of Educational Management – Methodology and Training Unit (INstitut d’Administration Scolaire – INAS).

The Institute of Educational Management (INAS) is currently headed by Professor Marc Demeuse. INAS is involved in national and international research projects aimed at analysing education systems and policies, creating indicators of school functioning, developing teaching/training tools or situations and teacher training. In the field of education, INAS focused on expertise in classroom practices, education systems, school organisations and teacher training, both in Belgium and abroad (and particularly in developing countries). In the field of guidance, INAS provides guidelines, frameworks and tools for educational actors and counsellors in order to implement a guidance-oriented approach to learning (GOAL and « approche orientante » in french) in the schools in Belgium. This educational approach aims at integrating knowledge about the self, the school and professional world in the schools and at developing orientation skills to foster lifelong learning and sustainable life paths.

Researchers :
(for the GOAL projects) Damien Canzittu, Emilie Carosin, Caroline Michalakis

Research topics :
Guidance-oriented approach to learning, orientation skills, orientation tools

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