University of Lausanne

University of Lausanne (UNIL)
Founded in 1537, the University of Lausanne is located in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. Over 15,000 students are registered in one of the seven faculties. The research institution is composed of 3,000 researchers, including 580 professors. Cross-disciplinary approach to research and cooperation are highly encouraged by the University of Lausanne.

Research center in vocational psychology and career counseling (CEPCO)
The research center in vocational psychology and career counseling (CePCO) includes a team of about 15-20 members and is currently headed by Prof. Jérôme Rossier. The research developed by the CePCO is built on a network of collaborations (dialogues with practitioners, scientific networks, bilateral agreements) and is active in several international associations. Its mission is to maintain the high quality of research and training in vocational and counseling psychology at the University of Lausanne. Hence, this research center develops applied research, assessment tools (abilities, interests, personality, etc.), work engagement models and analyzes state institutional procedures. Research focuses mainly on counseling and vocational guidance, personality and work. In collaboration with the counseling department, CePCO provides training and teaching for students of the Master in Counseling and Guidance of the University of Lausanne.









Professors, teachers & senior researchers
MER Clot-Siegrist Eva
Prof. Dauwalder Jean-Pierre
MER Durante Federico
MER Franz Sylvie
Prof. Masdonati Jonas
MER Massoudi Naraghi Koorosh
Prof. Rossier Jérôme
Dr. Urbanaviciute Ieva
Dr. Thalmayer Amber Gayle

Doctoral students:
Atitsogbe Kokou Amenyona
Cerantola Marine
Fedrigo Laurence
Fresard Caroline
Toscanelli Cecilia
Udayar Shagini

Other staff member:
Jaques Victor