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Le Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers

Le Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Cnam) is an Institution of Higher Education with fundamental and applied research teams in varied domains. Created in 1794, Cnam is a  pluridisciplinary institution. Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers and its department, National Institute of Studies of Work and Vocational Guidance (INETOP), is a founder member of the UNESCO Chair in Career Counseling and Guidance. Prof Valérie Cohen-Scali is the coordinator of the research team in career counseling psychology involved in the UNESCO Unitwin. Two research projects are conducted in this framework. The researchers involved in the Unitwin activities are : Pr Valérie Cohen-Scali, Pr Jean Luc Bernaud, Pr Emmanuelle Vignoli, Dr Katia Terriot.

 Prof. Jean Guichard

Jean Guichard is Emeritus Professor of Psychology at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (National Conservatory for Applied technologies) (Paris, France). Former director of the Institut National d’Etude du Travail et d’Orientation Professionnelle (National Institute for the study of work and vocational counselling), he is Honorary President of the UNESCO Chair “Lifelong Guidance and Counselling” (of which he was the first holder at the University of Wroclaw – Poland) and of the UNESCO-UNITWIN International Network “Life Designing Interventions (counseling, guidance, education) for decent work and sustainable development”. His research (notably on the role of life design dialogues in self-construction) has been rewarded with three honorary doctorate degrees and various prizes from international scholarly societies.

Prof. Jean Guichard

Prof. Valérie Cohen-Scali

Valérie Cohen-Scali is PhD in Social Psychology, and Professor in Career Counseling and Guidance at Inetop-Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Cnam), Paris, France. She is Researcher at the Center of Research on Work and Development (CRTD) and responsible of the career counselling and guidance lab. She is in charge of a master’s degree in Work and counselling psychology at Cnam. She is deputy Director of the scientific Journal L’Orientation Scolaire et Professionnelle [School and Vocational Guidance]. She is member of the scientific board of the European Doctoral Program in Career Guidance and Counseling (ECADOC) and of the Unesco Chair on Life Long Guidance and Counseling (since 2013). Her current research projects concern the self construction during transitions and representations of work of young adults in different work situations, the career aspirations towards green, social and solidarity organizations, and Life and Career Counseling Dialogues.

Valérie Cohen-Scali









Prof. Jean-Luc Bernaud
Prof. Jean-Luc Bernaud is a full Professor in psychology and career counseling at the CNAM University in Paris. He is author of 134 publications (24 books, 59 peer­reviewed articles, etc.) and is visting professor for several universities in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Swiss, Togo, and Cameroon. His research topics are: Existential psychology, work meaning and life meaning; Career counseling : processes and effects; Work conditions, organizational support and career mobility.

Jean-Luc Bernaud










Prof. Emmanuelle Vignoli
Emmanuelle Vignoli is a professor-researcher at the Consevatoire National des Arts et Métiers (INETOP), Center for Research on Work and Development (EA4132), HESAM. His studies focuse on the relationships between socio-emotional factors and vocational guidance among adolescents, and emerging adults, and on the issues of school dropout and decent work. Since several years she is a member of the editorial board of the journal L’orientation Scolaire et professionnelle and responsible for the first year of the both masters, Conseil en Orientation Bilan Insertion and Psychologie de l’orientation et du travail

Katia Terriot
Katia Terriot is currently psychologist of the National Education, teaching and research at Inetop-CNAM (France). She teaches in particular the psychological assessment. Her research interests are centered on psychological assessment, the process of dropping out, learning and academic success. She adapted or developed different tests (intelligence, self-esteem, interests, dropping out …)

Katia Terriot








The aim of the book edited by Valérie Cohen-Scali, Jacques Pouyaud, Violetta Drabik-Podgórna, Marek Podgórny, Gabriela Aisenson, Jean Luc Bernaud, Issa Abdou Moumoula, Jean Guichard (Eds), and untitled Interventions in career design and education – Transformation for sustainable development and decent work is published!
The objective of this book was to gather research and interventions in life designing, career counseling and education from international scholars, that contribute to sustainable development and decent work. The contributors were asked to answer the following question:  How can career and life design interventions contribute to a fair and sustainable development and to the implementation of decent work all over the world ?
On the basis of this question, the purpose of the book was to provide a large overview of current research in the field of Interventions for Life and Career Design (ILCD) in Northern and Southern countries, pinpointing the importance of both world broad view and local contexts to build accurate ILCD. Another objective was that this book allows identifying perspectives that could be developed in this field in order to contribute more to increase responsibility of individuals, groups and communities to design their life and their individual and collective future.  The last aim was to develop and to strengthen an international community of research in the field of ILCD connected with the UNESCO strategies.This book gathers 17 contributions of international scholars of the field of career counseling and guidance, offering innovative perspectives related to theoretical frameworks and career counseling practices.