CFP: Television Histories in Development

A l’occasion du 70ème anniversaire de la télévision aux Pays-Bas, le Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision à Hilversum organise une conférence de deux jours le 30 septembre et 1er octobre 2021. Intitulée « Television histories in development » elle a l’objectif de « further existing debates and reflect on the academic study of television history so far ».

Extrait de l’appel à contribution ouvert jusqu’au 1er mai:

« This conference will offer opportunities to share ideas and exchange research on the medium’s international histories. Scholars of all backgrounds and disciplines are invited to think about the question what role and influence television has had over the last seventy years. The conference seeks to address how television has created its own media logic that has influenced other cultural practices like journalism, sport, politics, theatre and drama, entertainment, youth cultures and education. We invite papers based on academic, preferably historic research about these perspectives. During the conference, we will encourage discussion on the development of the academic discipline of Television Studies from the 1950s until now. »

Les propositions sont à envoyer à l’adresse suivante: