Premières pratiques radiophoniques et culture moderne du son

Shawn VanCour, chercheur en Media Archival Studies à la UCLA, a récemment fait paraître un ouvrage intitulé Making Radio. Early Radio Production and the Rise of Modern Sound Culture.


The opening decades of the 20th century witnessed a profound transformation in the history of modern sound media, with workers in U.S. film, radio, and record industries developing pioneering production methods and performance styles tailored to emerging technologies of electric sound reproduction that would redefine dominant forms and experiences of popular audio entertainment. Focusing on broadcasting’s initial expansion during the 1920s, Making Radio explores the forms of creative labor pursued for the medium in the period prior to the better-known network era, assessing their role in shaping radio’s identity and identifying affinities with parallel practices pursued for conversion-era film and phonography. (…)

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