Professor at UNIL


John Antonakis is Professor of Organizational Behavior, and Director of the Ph.D. Program in Management in the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Lausanne. He received his Ph.D. from Walden University in Applied Management and Decision Sciences specializing in the psychometrics of leadership. He was a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of  Psychology at Yale University focusing on leader development and expertise. His research is currently focused on charisma, predictors of leadership, and research methods.


Domains: Leadership, Organizational Behavior

Programs: SOE1, SL1, SL2, SL3, SL7, SL8



Senior Lecturer at UNIL


 Samuel Bendahan has a PhD in Economic Science, specializing in management, organizational behavior and behavioral economics. He is currently senior lecturer at HEC Lausanne (University of Lausanne) and EPFL. His current research interest and teaching topics include leadership, decision-making, econometrics, behavioral economics, game theory, financial economics and management. Samuel Bendahan is also member of the board of BCN (Neuchâtel Canton Bank), president of a consulting company which provides training to high-level executives from a wide variety of economic sectors. He is also member of the Swiss parliament, and president of three non-profit organizations operating in Switzerland and abroad.


Domains: organizational behaviour, Behavioural economics

Programs: EYC3, EYC4, ALP3, SOE1, SL1, SL2, SL3, SL4, SL6


Mr. Gérald BÉROUD

Director of SinOptic


 Gérald BÉROUD, sinologist and founder of SinOptic, has been president of the French-speaking section of the Swiss-Chinese Society since 2008. He has been appointed as the China Affairs Advisor for the Canton of Vaud and the Lausanne Government since 2005. He has been Secretary of the Committee of the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Switzerland (French-speaking section) from 2003 to 2017. At the end of 2018, Jiangsu Province in China granted him the title of “Jiangsu Honorary Citizen” for his contribution to the development of relations between this province and Switzerland.


Domains: Sino-Swiss bilateral relations

Programs: ALP5, SL3, SL4, SL5, SL7


Mr. Alban BITZ

Executive Vice President at Sofies International


After spending 11 years with the multinational company Bobst (www.bobst.com), first as an R&D engineer then as head of sustainable development, Alban joined Sofies in 2012 as its strategic planning director. Alban spent his first two years at Sofies in Tunisia as the chief technical consultant for the Tunisian Cleaner Production Project (http://www.unido.org/tunisie-pppt). In addition to his training as an electrical engineer, he earned the title of safety engineer and became a federally certified environmental consultant.


Domains: sustainable development

Programs: SL2, SL3, SL6, SL7


Prof. Suren ERKMAN

Associate Professor at UNIL


Suren Erkman is a Professor of Industrial Ecology at the University of Lausanne. He is also visiting professor in many universities in various countries, particularly in Belgium, France, India and China. He is also co-founder and Chairman of SOFIES (www.sofiesonline.com), one of the leading international consultancies in Industrial Ecology and Circular Economy. Erkman regularly advises international organizations (like UNEP and UNIDO), national and regional governments in various countries, as well as multinational corporations.


Domains: Industrial ecology, Industrial ecology, Circular economy

Programs: EYC1, EYC2, EYC3, EYC4, ALP2, SOE1, SL1, SL4, SL5, SL6, SL9


Prof. Minyue DONG

Associate Professor at UNIL


 Minyue obtained the PhD degree in economies in 2006 in HEC Lausanne. Beside the academic activities, Minyue is an active consultant for investment projects, especially those between Chinese and European societies.


Domains: international accounting, financial accounting for banks, financial instruments and earnings management, merge& acquisition and restructuration

Programs: ALP3, ALP5, SL1, SL6, SL7, SL8, SL9


Mrs. Odile HETTLER

Professor at UNIL & Healthcare Consultant


Odile Hettler holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy in Strasbourg (France), a postgraduate degree in Pharmaceutical Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine in Basle (Switzerland) and an EMBA from the William E. Simon School University of Rochester (USA). She is also a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (“NLP”) Master Practitioner. Dr. Hettler has more than 25 years of scientific and business experience accumulated in multifunctional and multicultural environments in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly in R&D and Marketing. Dr. Hettler has been lecturing at HEC Lausanne since 2015, where she brings her real-life experience as an expert to her work on the Individual Strategy Projects with EMBA students. She has also been lecturing within the health care and strategy module which forms part of the EMBA health care focus curriculum.


Domains: Pharmaceutical industry, Health care

Programs: ALP5



Speaker, Advisor, Coach, Workshop and class Facilitator


 Yves Karcher is a former Engineering VP of Logitech. He has lead Logitech mice and Keyboard business which included retail, OEM, Gaming and tablet-related accessories as well as future categories. He has lead up to 400 engineers, managed innovation processes and labs in 6 different sites globally. He also setup the innovation center in Switzerland, within the EFPL campus. He is now giving back his experience in innovation and execution to students and companies through his company InnoExec.


Domains: Innovation

Programs: ALP5



President and founder of the company ML Leuthold


Manuel Leuthold obtained a Master of Law and a Master of Sciences (Economics) from University of Geneva. He spent 27 years with UBS where he held several positions, among others Head of Corporate and Institutional Clients Switzerland and Member of the Swiss Executive Committee. He also spent 4 years as Chief Administrative Officer of the Edmond de Rothschild Group. He is now Chairman of the Board of compenswiss (Swiss Social Security Funds) and has other board memberships in various banks, companies and institutions.


Domains: Economics

Programs: ALP5


Mr. Xiankun LU

Director of China Competence Centre of Swiss St.Gallen University


Mr. LU Xiankun is Director of China Competence Centre of Swiss St. Gallen University and Senior Advisor of IDEAS Centre Geneva. He also acts as senior research fellow or adjunct professor in a number of Chinese and European universities and think tanks, including Shanghai Centre for Global Trade and Economic Governance, Wuhan University of China, University of International Business and Economics of China (UIBE), Lugano University of Switzerland and Sussex University of UK.


Domains: WTO-related subjects, China’s economic and trade policies, China’s reform and opening up and foreign relations

Programs: ALP5, SL2, SL3, SL4, SL5, SL6, SL7, SL8, SL9


Prof. Guido PALAZZO

Full Professor at UNIL & Academic Director of the SSMTP4SD Program


Guido Palazzo is a professor of Business Ethics at the Business School of the University of Lausanne and a visiting fellow at the Universities of Oxford and Nottingham. He currently heads the Strategy Department of HEC Lausanne and was the former Deputy Academic Director of the Faculty’s Executive MBA. He has been taught executives in many business schools such as INSEAD, IMD, Beijing Institute of Technology and Copenhagen Business School. In his research he focuses on the social and environmental challenges society is facing at the beginning of the 21st century. He is one of the most cited business ethics scholars in the world.


Domains: Business Ethics

Programs: EYC1, EYC2, EYC3, EYC4, SOE1, SL1, SL2, SL4, SL5, SL6, SL7, SL8, SL9


Prof. Jeffrey PETTY

Full Professor at UNIL & Academic Director of the SSMTP4SD Program


Jeffrey Petty is a professor of entrepreneurship, the Academic Director of the HEC EMBA programme, and the faculty advisor of the Entrepreneurship Accelerator at UNIL. He has a doctorate in management and an MBA in international management and his primary research interests include venture capital decision making, new venture financing, and opportunity exploitation. Jeffrey has taught courses on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, corporate strategy and policy, and knowledge management. Over the past twenty-five Jeffrey has worked with entrepreneurial organizations, ranging from start-ups to international corporations, in a variety of roles and has participated in all phases of the firm lifecycle, from concept development to investment, and exit. Jeffrey is an AMBA accreditation assessor and is currently a member of the Executive MBA Council’s Board of Trustees.


Domains: Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, corporate strategy & policy, knowledge management

Program: ALP5



Lecturer and Business Coach


Nadine Reichenthal has been coaching and training start-ups on Business Validation. She is one of the leading Swiss experts on how to apply the Value Proposition Canvas and Business Model Generator and is an approved trainer on both methodologies. Nadine works closely with the University of Lausanne, where she manages the UNIL HEC Accelerator and a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship. She also teaches Entrepreneurship at the EPFL and in HES-SO Universities of Applied Sciences in Arts, Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Business Administration.


Domains: Entrepreneurship

Programs: ALP1, ALP3, SL5, SL7, SL8, SL9



Senior Lecturer at UNIL


Alain Salamin got a bachelor in psychology and a PhD in Management in HEC Lausanne in 1994. He has worked for Swiss Bank Corporation and later become HR Business Partner for Firmenich S.A. and Medtronic. He is also independent consultant for companies like FourSeasons and Hilton International. In 2011, Alain became independent with his own HR consulting practice. Meanwhile he gives lectures at the MBA of HEC Lausanne.


Domains : HR consulting

Programs: SL4, SL5, SL6, SL7, SL8, SL9


Mr. Erik SWARS

Head of International Relations, IFFP


Erik Swars is the head of the International Relations Department of the Federal Institute for Higher Vocational Education (abbreviated as IFFP). He is responsible for the implementation of several internationally coordinated educational projects, mainly in IFFP, and some in Swiss Post and the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.


Domains: Educational projects

Programs: SL5



CEO at Academy for Sustainable Business


Auret Van Heerden has 40 years’ experience in labour and human rights issues worldwide. His activities span the globe from key bases in Switzerland and China and consist primarily of the Academy for Sustainable Business, and consultancy on sustainable supply chains, corporate social responsibility, labour relations and human resource management.


Domains: Sustainable supply chains, Corporate social responsibility, Labour relations, Human resource management

Programs: EYC1, EYC2, EYC3, EYC4, SOE1, SL1, SL2, SL3, SL4, SL5, SL6, SL7, SL8, SL9



Senior Consultant at Sofies International


After working for ten years in enterprise development and services for VSEs and SMEs across all industries (corporate banking, management consulting), Anne chose to bring her expertise to Sofies to assist with its expansion. Her main goal is to contribute to the harmonious development of the Sofies “ecosystem” by bringing complementary, cross-cutting skills to the consulting team. She assists them with business development upstream from projects and with transforming recommendations into attractive projects that can be financed by Sofies’s clients and/or investors.


Domains: Corporate banking, Management consulting

Programs: ALP2, ALP3, SL5, SL6


Prof. Christian ZEHNDER

Professor at UNIL


Christian Zehnder is Professor of Organizational Decision Making and the Director of the Department of Organizational Behavior. His research is interdisciplinary which combines insights from Economics, Psychology and Management and builds on various methodological approaches including laboratory experiments, field experiments and game theoretic models.


Domains: Organizational Decision Making, leadership tactics on employee motivation, Conflict management

Programs: SL4, SL7, SL8, SL9