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The Burial of Mister Juan

Danik Capitanio © SMTC
Danik Capitanio

Théâtre La Grange de Dorigny, Lausanne
16-18 décembre 1993

Texte : Roelof Overmeer
Mise en scène : collective
Eclairage: François Deferr
Distribution : Georges Boyer, Danik Capitanio, Yasmina Carron, Catherine Flütsch, Lee Harris, Matthieu Leimgruber, Didier Maillat, Susana Mora, Roelof Overmeer, Nathalie Perret-Gentil, Adam Piette

Don Juan, playboy of the western world, romancing through a romping lifetime till the dawning of the judgement day, the Faust of sexual adventure, Wandering Jouisseur, dandy libertine of male fantasy, inexhaustibly extravagant spirit of aristocratic comedy, deconstructor of bourgeois family values, archetypal third man, shadowy seducer, oh happy man, perpetrator of machismo values, powerhouse behind the picaresque, Dionysius in our dreams, the man has too many names. Casanova, Byron, Mozart, &c. – his avatars are legion. And what if he were to die one day. What kind of plot could be spun from the death of a creature of fiction? Hamlet asked the players to reenact his father’s death. A play can resurrect the dead, make them live again, reaffirm life, play up our mouning into graveyard humour, make lively jokes out of our end-stopped epitaphs. […]
Adam Piette