SDS 2020

Spatial Data Science 2020 will take place in Lausanne (Switzerland) from 3rd to 5th June 2020.


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The scientific meeting aims at bring together scientists holding solid experience in the broad field of spatial data science. The main objective is to share their vision and initiate a dialogue about the different issues we face when performing and developing innovative methodologies of data mining, analysis, modelling and visualisation for spatial systems.

The main theoretical topics include, but are not limited to, three principal axes:

      • Spatial analysis methods using a strong statistical/mathematical framework, especially focused on the quality of formalism of the method;
      • Geovisualisation, with a major accent on visual analytics and computational data mining techniques focused on high-dimensional attributes;
      • Pattern recognition and modelling with special emphasis on data-mining approaches, including machine learning.

We welcome applications related to environmental science, especially focused on natural and anthropogenic hazards, natural resources assessments, but also on socio-economic science is characterized by the spatial dimension of the data.

Complimentary one-day short courses will be offered in the direct connection with the SDS2020 main event. It is foreseen that participants will do practical exercises using different software tools including open source packages (QGIS, GRASS, Python and R).


Let's start, the submission application is open : . We look forward to hearing about your research work!

We are glad to have as keynote speakers Prof. Marc Barthelemy, Dr. Daniela Castro Camilo and Prof. Devis Tuia. A varied and exciting panel through Statistical physics for spatial networks, Statistics for spatial extremes and Geospatial computer vision

Welcome to the active twitter account @SDSMeeting2020 of our scientific meeting which will take place from 3 to 5 June 2020 at the University of Lausanne @unil, @FGSE_UNIL #SDSmeeting2020

Catch the first lines of the meeting Spatial Data Science & Workshop 2020 in Lausanne #SDSMeeting2020

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