Program & Abstracts

During the two days, four sessions are proposed : Variation (1&2), Articulation, Diachrony , Second language learning. The sessions are interspaced with two plenary talks by Patrycja Strycharczuk & Jane Stuart-Smith and a few coffee breaks. The conference will end with a 2h workshop on « measuring and explaining the variability of rothics? » offered by Didier Demolin, Roeland Van Hout & Hans Van de Velde.

The whole event will take place in the Amphipole building, room 201, at the University of Lausanne.

Thursday 18thFriday 19th
9hWelcome speech9hMonika Konert-Panek:
« Stylisation and frequency effects: divergent patterns of rhoticity in popular music singing accents »
9h30Invited speaker : Patrycja Strycharczuk
« Rhoticity, identity and phonology »
9h30Drew Crosby and Amanda Dalola:
« Retroflexing Rhymes: Identity & Phonetic Variation in the Korean Liquid Phoneme »
10h15Eva Reinisch, Nikola Eger and Miquel Llompart :
« Rhotic allophones in native and non-native spoken-word recognition »
10hCoffee break
10h45Coffee break10h30Stephen Nichols, Enkeleida Kapia, Josiane Riverin-Coutlée and Stefano Coretta:
« Towards a description of the rhotic sounds of Northern Tosk Albanian »
11h15Isabella Shields, Catherine Watson and Peter Keegan:
« Acoustics of te reo Māori /r/: First impressions and corpus building for fourth formant and stress analysis »
11hMartin Kohlberger:
« The production of /r/ in Shiwiar Spanish »
11h45 Marie-Hélène Côté and Mélanie Lancien :
« More on the transition from apical to dorsal /R/ in Quebec »
11h30 Invited speaker : Jane Stuart-Smith
« R 3 ways: capturing variability in word-final /r/ in Scottish English »
12h15Lunch Break12h15 Lunch Break
13h30 Hannah King:
« Hearing wed and seeing red: The visual prominence of the lips in Anglo-English /r/ »
13h30Robin Meyer:
« Rhotics in Armenian and Parthian: evidence from loanwords »
14h Amel Issa:
« Acoustic, articulatory and phonological aspects of /r/ in Tripolitanian Libyan Arabic »
14h Robert Lennon and Danielle Turton:
 » « An island of rhoticity »: The first comprehensive instrumental analysis of postvocalic /r/ in Lancashire »
14h30Shuwen Chen and Peggy Pik Ki Mok:
« Articulatory and Acoustic Features of Mandarin rhotic sounds »
14h30David Britain and Hannah Hedegard:
« 100 years of intrusive /r/ in Falkland Island English »
15hRemi Anselme:
« What if trills weren’t really trilled? An investigation of trills and taps in 212 articles from the Illustrations of the IPA. »
15hCoffee break
15h30Coffee break15h30 Workshop on « measuring and explaining the variability of rothics? »
Invited speakers :
Hans Van de Velde & Roeland Van Hout
With the contribution of:
Didier Demolin
16hElisabeth Heiszenberger and Elissa Pustka:
« When German /r/-vocalization meets French : How Austrian German students pronounce postvocalic /r/ in word-final position »
16h30 Jonas Grünke, Christoph Gabriel and Claudia Schlaak:
« Rhotics in Spanish as a foreign language: Comparing monolingual German and bilingual German-Turkish learners »
17hZhiqiang Zhu and Peggy Mok:
« Preliminary ultrasound investigation on the production of Mandarin Chinese /r/ sounds by Japanese learners »
17h30Closing speech
17h40Organization meeting
19h00Gala Diner
Café de l’Europe