Call for abstracts

We invite contributions on any theme concerning rhotic sounds, including but not limited to: 

  • The diversity of r realizations and the description of rhotics in the world’s languages
  • The socio-phonetic aspects of r realizations 
  • The production and perception of rhotics in a language or in a language family
  • The phonological status of r sounds
  • Diachronic aspects of r sounds
  • The acquisition of rhotics in L1 and L2
  • Aspects of corrective phonetics in the pronunciation of r sounds
  • Phenomena of r sandhi 

Abstracts of 500 words (plus references) should be sent in PDF format to by May 2, 2021. Authors will take care to anonymize their communication (do not indicate names and affiliations of authors, do not refer directly to one’s own publications). We plan to have only oral communications (20+10 minutes) in non-parallel sessions. The form of the conference – online or onsite – will be decided depending on the situation. 

We hope to be able hold the meeting on site, but an online solution is available if necessary.