Conference Program

Thursday, November 12, 2020

09h00-09h15                        Opening remarks

09h15-10h15                        Panel 1: Democracy and Environmental Civil Disobedience                                    

Emanuela Ceva and Marta Giunta – Rescuing the Democratic Credentials of Environmental Disobedience
Charlotte Thomas Hébert – Resisting Definitions: Disobeying by Risking Arrest

10h15-10h45                        Coffee break

10h45-12h15                        Panel 2: Representations of Eco-Activists                   

Amy Player – Activism, Resistance and Change: Contemporary British Nature Writing in the Age of the Anthropocene
Sarah Marak – Imagining Eco-Activism from 9/11 to the Anthropocene: State of Fear and The Overstory
Mélanie Meunier – Environmental Activism and the Media

12h15-13h45                        Lunch

13h45-15h15                        Panel 3: Environmental Law and Politics                                                

Evanthia Gkouma – Τhe Impact of Civil Society’s Mobilization on the Writing of Environmental Politics: from the Principle of Integration to the Mechanism of Environmental Conditionality
Roger L. Nichols – American Indian Religious-Environmental Protests and the Courts
Laura Affolter – Mobilising Nature’s Rights in the Struggle against Mining  

15h15-15h15                        Coffee break

15h45-17h00                        Keynote address 1: Climate Justice in Europe

Agnès Michelot – Université de La Rochelle

Friday, November 13, 2020

10h30-12h00                       Panel 4: Forms of Resistance

Ellen Alexandra Holtmaat – Distributional Effects, Regulatory Preferences and Business Strategy in Private Sustainability Standards
Chiara Corazza – Gandhian Repertoire in Contemporary Environmental Movements. From Chipko to Extinction Rebellion
Loren Leong – Undermined: The ‘Protester’, the ‘Protector’ and the gas holes in Australian mining documentaries

12h00-13h30                         Lunch

13h30-15h00                         Special Panel: Research and Activism

Sophie Guignard – Civil Disobedience: a Case Study
Raphaël Marlétaz – The harmonization of cantonal social welfare laws through an argument based on the international protection of human rights 
Léone Ruiz – « We can’t let them die in our mountains ».  Voluntary support for migrants: how does ‘solidarity’ enables ‘tolerated support’ for migrants in the European Migration Regime

15:00 -15h30                         Coffee break

15h30-16h45                         Keynote address 2: Power and Agency in Protest Trials

Graeme Hayes – Aston University

16h45-17h00                         Closing remarks