Francesc Pérez-Peris

Research interest

My PhD is focused on Ordovician trilobites, mainly from the Fezouata biota. In particular, the main objectives are to study their morphological variability, functional morphology, phylogeny and evolutionary pathways of this group. Such studies are important to better understand the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event and the evolution of arthropods. To carry out this work I use different techniques such geometric morphometric analysis and other kind of quantitative methods, paleoecological analysis, comparison with Recent arthropods, phylogenetics and various imaging techniques.


Highlighted publications

  • Saleh, F., Antcliffe, J.B., Lefebvre, B., Pittet, B., Laibl, L., Perez Periz, F., Lustri, L., Gueriau, P. & Daley, A.C. 2020. Taphonomic bias in exceptionally preserved biotas. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 529, 115873.