Call for papers (ended 30.11.21)

The organisers invite proposals for individual 20-minute presentations (or panels made up of 3×20-minute presentations) focusing on any aspect of the complex issues of tradition and innovation in martial arts. However, the organisers are particularly interested in works that engage with martial arts, martial arts studies, tradition and innovation in relation to such themes as:

• Martial arts, globalisation and tradition
• Martial arts, tradition and technology
• Martial arts and nationalism
• Martial arts, soft power and diplomacy
• Martial arts and sport
• Martial arts and body culture
• Histories, representations and curations of martial arts
• Martial arts traditions, myths and myth-busting
• Martial arts as intangible cultural heritage
• Innovation in/and traditional martial arts

To submit a proposal for an individual paper or a complete themed panel (of three connected papers), please send one Word Document to the organising team at the email address: containing the following information:

• Title
• Abstract (300 words max)
• Bio-note (150 words max)
• Keywords (5 max)
• Contact email address
• Link to personal or professional webpage (if available)

Deadline for Proposals: November 30, 2021.
Notification: December 2021.
Registration opening: January 2022.
Public release of the programme: February 2022.