Program 2022

With spring, the Life Science Career Day (LSCD) is back! The LSCD team has put together an original program to support students and scientists for the transition from academia to employment. In honor of this tenth anniversary, the theme of the day will be “Dare”: dare to network, dare to leave one’s comfort zone, dare to fail (sometimes!) and above all dare in one’s daily life, to build a career that meets one’s desires.

Aimed at students & early career researchers of UNIL, EPFL & other Swiss universities

Objective: get inspiration & career orientation, discover the professional world & build a network

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SESSION 1OPENING CEREMONY (Auditorium B, 910– 1050)

Find inspiration: the role of the scientist in the society 


André Mercanzini, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) and co-founder, Aleva Neurotherapeutics SA

McKinsey & Company, Platinum Sponsor Presentation

Niko Geldner, Professor in Plant Molecular Biology, Head of the Doctoral School FBM, University of Lausanne

Moderator of the day
Helen von Dadelszen, Speaker Coach & Trainer, Present Potential

COMPANY PRESENTATIONS (Auditorium B, 1100– 1230)

Biopôle (15′), Lilly (15′), Merck (15′) and ADC Therapeutics (10′)

Includes at the end (15′)
Flash talks
& Coaching : start-ups & companies will have one minute to introduce themselves and you will benefit from advice to prepare your pitch when you join them in the hall.

LUNCH (Hall, 1230– 1415) & NETWORKING (starting at 1230)

CV Check with Together ag : meet Oprandi & partner and Consulting & Beyond recruitment experts and get precious feedback (10 minutes per person, no registration needed)

Reflectory with Aude Poriau: roll the dice for a successful career! In this 30 minutes workshop, you are invited to play an introspective game to rethink your career (click here for more information)

Exhibitors: companies, career services & support

SESSION 2 (Auditorium B, 1415-1530)

Entering the job market: How to stand out from the crowd?
A session to learn how to go beyond a skills list on a resume.

Sébastien Simonet, Human Resources Consultant, Work & Organizational Psychologist, Nantys Ltd.
Helen von Dadelszen, Speaker Coach & Trainer, Present Potential

Aude Pierrehumbert, Molecular Specialist, DiaSorin
André Mercanzini, CSO and co-founder, Aleva Neurotherapeutics SA
Camille Métais, Senior Director, Global Program Team Lead, Alexion Pharma
Imogen Marouillat, Project Associate Director, Merck Group
Jens Antons, QC Project Lead, Lonza
Oleksandr Dergai, Senior Data Science Expert II, Novartis

How do you get a potential employer to be interested in you rather than another candidate? What skills will help you secure your first job outside academia? And then, once you are on board, how can you continue to grow and progress professionally? In this session, our guests will talk about the career steps they’ve taken, the challenges they’ve faced, and the advice they have for anyone entering the job market today.

BREAK (Hall, 1530-1715)

Includes a special networking session with 27 alumni and a recruiter at the lunch tables (Hall, 1530-1715)

Get an idea of the diversity of jobs for scientists in the private and public sectors

Job titles are not sufficient to fully understand the complexity of a specific role inside an organization. Which are the main tasks and responsibilities of our guests? Which skills are necessary to have – and to develop – to carry out their multiple missions? Discover our list of alumni ((which includes the speakers from the previous session) and prepare your questions. Our guests will be in the hall to answer you queries. This session includes also a special guest: a recruiter from MIRAI Foods. Don’t miss this opportunity!

SESSION 3CLOSING CEREMONY (Auditorium B, 1715– 1815)

Dare to thrive!

Mandy Bronsil, Expert in Human Resources, Founder, B-inspired Partners Sàrl.

So many inspiring people started out by daring to risks and taking the path less travelled. But how do we incorporate this into our own lives – truly? This presentation addresses the ways in which we can all become braver, and dare more. Yet more importantly, WHY it’s worth doing! Indeed, the right amount of audacity on a daily basis is an essential ingredient that will help you create a life path in line with your true desires.