For researchers

Scientific objectives

LéXPLORE platform was installed on Lake Geneva until 2026 :

  • to acquire observations at high frequency
  • to promote interdisciplinary research
  • to create strong collaborations between projects
  • to develop new technologies


You will have access to a long-term dataset, that will provide you with background information. The list of 28 parameters is available here.

LéXPLORE platform provides practical, safe and stable conditions, in order to facilitate your scientific work.

How to apply?

To apply for a project on LéXPLORE, please submit LéXPLORE application form to the Project Manager.

Your application will be first reviewed for technical feasability by the Chief Technical Officer, and after validated by the Steering Committee. Please be aware that the whole process needs ~6 weeks. Due to the extreme lake conditions and the spatial limitation around the platform, any installation is challenging. We therefore encourage you to discuss with one representant of the Technical Pool as early as possible.

Financial contribution: in principle, each research project needs to contribute to LéXPLORE exploiting costs (estimated to 60’000 CHF/year).

Current projects

Here is the list of current projects.


You can check the agenda for LéXPLORE and the Zodiac boat. Please contact the Chief Technical Officer, if you would like to book a time.