Summer courses


We are taking a break and will not organize a summer school this year, HOWEVER, make sure and attend the 2nd European Symposium on 12-13 September!


3rd International Summer School on Transition & 1st European Transition Symposium – 12-14 September

The 3rd summer course took place on the UNIL Campus from 12-13 September 2018 and was given in English. It was followed by the 1st European Transition Symposium that took place at the Lausanne University Hospital, at the heart of transition issues. Participants who attended the summer school could attend the symposium free of charge.


Deuxième cours d’été international sur les enfants et adolescents malades chroniques: un regard sur la transition – 29 août-1er septembre, 2ème édition donnée en Français


First international summer course on children and adolescents with chronic illness, 30 August-2 September

“2016: a focus on transition from pediatric to adult care”

Organized in collaboration with the Institute of Social Sciences & NCCR LIVES (Prof. André Berchtold).