Dubochet Center for Imaging

The DCi, the Dubochet Center for Imaging, will be established on the Lausanne campus as a common cryo-electron microscopy center, supported by the EPFL and the University of Lausanne. This Dubochet Center for Imaging will employ high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy and cryo-electron tomography to contribute to research programs in the Lemanic region and beyond. 

The DCi will employ several high-end cryo-transmission electron microscopes to study biological proteins, cells and tissue sections. The DCi will also develop and advance these methods. The DCi will be setup and directed by Henning Stahlberg, it will take up operation in 2021. 

The DCi will contribute to the imaging@EPFL initiative, and provide cryo-EM analysis to the thriving life sciences research landscape in Lausanne, Geneva, and beyond.   

Jacques Dubochet is Professor Emeritus at the University of Lausanne. In 2017, he shared the Nobel price in Chemistry with Richard Henderson and Joachim Frank for their contribution to the development of cryo-EM.