Pascal Perolo

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Research interests

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My research topic for the next years will focus on the short- and long-term drivers of Lake Geneva CO2 concentrations, with a more specific attention on the role played by vertical and lateral transport. CO2 concentrations in lakes have long been thought to be essentially controlled by lake metabolism but this long-standing paradigm is being considerably challenged, while the roles of chemical and hydrological processes are just being reconsidered. Previous works on Lake Geneva have shown that the drivers of CO2 variability in Lake Geneva, such as the underlying mechanisms, appear to differ depending on the time and space scales of observations. They highlight the necessity for a process-oriented approach to understand C-cycling in Lake Geneva, that fully integrates biogeochemistry and hydrodynamics.

<== the Forced-diffusion flux chamber

I expect to untie the drivers of the vertical and temporal (at short and longer time scale) of Lake Geneva CO2, using pluri-decennial monitoring data series and high-frequency measurements form an automated platform. Data use and interpretation will be based from both deductive (data mining) and inductive approaches (simple 1D modelling combining physics to biogeochemical processes).

I did my Master’s thesis in Geography, studying subglacial dynamics and sediment connectivity in glacial catchment, during ice melt in the “Haut Glacier d’Arolla”.


2022 : Post-doc contract on the unseen processes of enhanced weathering, CLIMACT seed project, led by Nicolas Escoffier.

2018 – 2022: PhD student in Environmental Sciences in the Lakes Group of Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Main topic: Long and short-term drivers of CO2 in Lake Geneva [CARBOGEN – « Carbon cycle in Lake Geneva »].

2017: Internship, Kbm engineers SA, Department River and natural hazard, Sion, Switzerland. Hydrological calculations, compilation of intensity and hazard maps, database GIS management.

2016: Field assistant and Research worker in the AlpWise Group of Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Hydrological measures (ADCP), drone photogrammetry, scientific reporting.

2014 – 2017: Master in Geography – Geomorphology and Management of mountain areas, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Master’s thesis: Subglacial dynamics and sediment connectivity in glacial catchment.

2011 – 2014: Bachelor in Geosciences and environment, Physical Geography, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Bachelor’s thesis: “How long do the alpine dams last? The experimental case of the Cleuson reservoir.

Publications and Scientific awards

Escoffier, N., Perolo, P., Many, G., Pasche, N.T., Perga, M.-E. (2023) Fine-scale dynamics of calcite precipitation in a large hardwater lake. Science of the Total Environment 864, 160699.

Many, G., Escoffier, N., Ferrari, M., Jacquet, P., Odermatt, D., Mariethoz, G., Perolo, P., Perga, M.-E. (2022) Long-Term Spatiotemporal Variability of Whitings in Lake Geneva from Multispectral Remote Sensing and Machine Learning. Remote Sensing 14, 6175.

Escoffier, N. , Perolo, P., Lambert, T., Rüegg, J., Odermatt, D., Adatte, T., Vennemann, T., Perga M.E. (2022). Whiting events in a large peri-alpine lake: Evidence of a catchment-scale process. Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences.

Lambert T, Perolo P, Escoffier N, Perga ME. Enhanced bioavailability of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in human-disturbed streams in Alpine fluvial networks. Biogeosciences. 2022;19(1):187-200.

Perolo, P., B. Fernández Castro, N. Escoffier, T. Lambert, D. Bouffard, and M. E. Perga. 2021. Accounting for surface waves improves gas flux estimation at high wind speed in a large lake. Earth Syst. Dynam. 12:1169-1189.

Fernández Castro, B.Chmiel, H. E.Minaudo, C.Krishna, S.Perolo, P.Rasconi, S., & Wüest, A. 2021Primary and net ecosystem production in a large lake diagnosed from high-resolution oxygen measurementsWater Resources Research57, e2020WR029283.

Perolo P., Bakker M., Gabbud C., Moradi G., Rennie C., Lane S.N. (2018) Subglacial sediment production and snout marginal ice uplift during the late ablation season of a temperate valley glacier.Earth Surface Processes and Landforms.

 Master, Faculty Prize 2017 in Geography, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

 PhD Faculty Prize 2022 in Environmental science, University of Lausanne, Switzerland