New Paper : On the frequency and phenology of whiting events on Lake Geneva

Using remote sensing and machine learning, Gael could reconstruct the dynamics of whitings on Lake Geneva from the mid XXth century up to now. There is no clear trend in the annual number of whiting days over the latest 70 years. However, whitings appears now sooner, and Spring is now the whiting season, instead of summer.

Many, G., Escoffier, N., Ferrari, M., Jacquet, P., Odermatt, D., Mariethoz, G., Perolo, P., Perga, M.-E., (2022) Long-Term Spatiotemporal Variability of Whitings in Lake Geneva from Multispectral Remote Sensing and Machine Learning, Remote Sensing.

Welcome Santona

Since September, we welcome in our group Dr Santona Khatun. Santona obtained the Dean’s post-doctoral fellowship for her project on the origin of the metalimnetic methane in Lake Geneva. She is working in both the Lakes’ group and Prof. Berg’s group. She came a long way, over from Bangladesh but she started field work as soon as arrived in Switzerland. Check her profile!

Santona on LéXPLORE (picture: D Jezequel)