Our team

Prof. Antoine Guisan (FGSE, Ecospat, DEE University of Lausanne) Lead of GeoVeg, GeoSoil and GeoES modules

Prof. Philip Brunner (CHYN – University of Neuchâtel) Lead of GeoHydro module

Prof. Grégoire Mariéthoz (FGSE – University of Lausanne) Lead of GeodataHub module and supervision of GeoHydro and Geo Morpho modules

Dr. Christophe Lambiel (FGSEUniversity of Lausanne) Lead of GeoMorpho module

Dr. Carmen Cianfrani (FGSE – University of Lausanne) Project coordinator and scientist for GeoVeg module

Dr. Heike Lischke (WSL – Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research) Scientist of GeoVeg module

Dr. Olivier Broennimann (FGSE, Ecospat, DEE University of Lausanne) Staff Scientist of GeoDataHub module

Dr. Christine Moos (FGSE, CIRM, University of Lausanne) PostDoc of risk assessment

Aline Buri  (FGSE – University of Lausanne) PhD of GeoSoil module

Elisa Giaccone  (FGSE – University of Lausanne) PhD of GeoMorpho module

James Thornton (CHYN – University of Neuchâtel) PhD of GeoHydro module

Thomas Panchard (DEE – University of Lausanne) Master student

Previous collaborators

Dr. Daniel Scherrer (Ecospat, DEE – University of Lausanne) Post Doc of GeoVeg module

Raphael Vallat (FGSE – University of Lausanne) Master student

Julie Boserup (DEE – University of Lausanne) Master student

External collaborations

ETH Zürich (Switzerland)

Prof. Grêt-Regamey: Ecosystem Services & landscape planning for ecosystem services

WSL/ETH Zürich (Switzerland)

Dr. Heike Lischke : dynamic forest modelling

Dr. Daniel Scherrer: forest modelling

University of Helsinki (Finland)

Prof. Miska Luoto

EPFL (Switzerland)

Prof. Tom Battin

INRIA, Nancy (France)

Prof. S. Lefebvre: texture synthesis algorithms

Maison de la Rivière (Switzerland)

Organization of stakeholders workshops using the infrastructure provided by the Maison de la Rivière. Research collaboration with Prof. J.-F. Rubin

University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

Prof. Eric Verrecchia: soil properties modelling

Prof. Stuart Lane: digital photogrammetry

Dr. Pascal Vittoz: vegetation

Dr. Fabio Oriani: hydrology

Dr. Stéphanie Grand: soil properties modelling

Dr. Marj Tonini: geostatistical modelling

Prof N. Linde: hydrogeophysics

University of Bern (Switzerland)

Prof. Bettina Shaefli: catchment hydrology

Laval University (Quebec)

Prof. René Therrien: Hydrogeology

Aquanty Inc. (Canada)

Dr. Steve Berg