The MyUNIL project


A technological revolution for MyUNIL 3.0

MyUNIL 3.0, a new technological platform

The first project was to choose the technical environments and architecture that would enable us to achieve the ambitious objectives of this project. After a market study of portal solutions, we finally opted for the Liferay Enterprise Portal solution, the first of its kind in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

For the graphic part we used the WIDE agency which developed the graphic and ergonomic concept of the new portal.

For the design of the user interfaces, we opted for ZKoss, a product used to satisfy the design of the Agenda module. This product is one of the leaders in the development of modern and ergonomic user interfaces. It allows a great speed of design and a remarkable lightness and cleanliness of the developed code.

We also decided to base the graphic layer on Bootstrap, provided by Twitter and which guarantees us a good adaptability of the user interfaces to the different access platforms (smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop). It also provides a homogeneity of the interfaces developed.


Agility, a new approach to project management for MyUNIL

The term Agile defines a project management approach different from traditional approaches that are generally predictive and sequential. A traditional project management approach typically expects a complete contract from the end customer, including a list of all desired functionalities for the final product. This approach leaves little room for change, as everything is described in a comprehensive literature before the development cycle begins.

The Agile approach, on the contrary, significantly reduces this predictive approach by giving more visibility to the product, but above all by involving the final client from the beginning to the end of the project and adopting an iterative and incremental development process. Within the framework of MyUNIL, several working groups have been formed, in order to create a final product approaching to the maximum of the needs of our users.

We chose agile development methods for MyUNIL 3.0, because a portal widely used by students needs to evolve quickly, like its main users still young, always adept at the latest technologies (the classic approach remains Relevant in other contexts). These methods aim to reduce the life cycle of the product by first developing a first version, providing a range of functionalities essential to the viability of the product, and then adding functionality through an iterative process based on listening to the customer.

This allows us to perform tests by including end users throughout the development cycle and thus to correct the problems before the first production.

In the Agile tool palette we chose to use SCRUM. This method defines a framework allowing the realization of complex projects that are divided into several relatively short work cycles that are called sprints.

SCRUM Process

In the framework of MyUNIL, these sprints last three weeks. During these 3 weeks the development team is isolated and can concentrate as much as possible on the planned developments. These sprints allow us to regularly evaluate the progress of the project and to plan the next stages of development.

  • Tools for project management MyUNIL 3.0myunil_gestion_projet
  • GitHub company: backlog management
  • ZenHub: Project tracking with Kanban table and viewing of Burndown charts

  • Automation and continuous deployment

  • myunil_automation
    Github And Jenkins
  • GitHub company: Source code management
  • Jenkins: Build applications with Maven and deploy on different environments