Welcome to MyUNIL

What’s in this blog?

In this blog you will find all the information that will help you to take the first steps with this new tool as well the project information.

The information is organized according to the following criteria:

  • The pages (main menu) for general information about MyUNIL 3.0
  • The articles (right-hand menus) classified by category which will describe the procedure of several use cases

What is MyUNIL?

MyUNIL is a virtual, adaptive, dynamic and personalized desktop, offering unified access to various sources of information and services, allowing interaction with other relevant people, applications or content from administrative and academic activities.

What does MyUNIL contain?

MyUNIL provides access to personal tools such as a calendar (course schedules and exams), messaging, descriptions and course materials, the academic file (including examination notes), administrative data (attestation d registration) and campus data. In addition it provides access to news / events management and serval collections.