UNIL and COVID-19: launch of the online platform « VIRAL »

Evgeni Tcherkasski – Unsplash / UNIL

UNIL is launching a new blog to follow, enlighten and document the current crisis.

Although some broad outlines are beginning to emerge, the time for total deconfinement has not yet come. Even less a return to the « life before », in view of the massive fears and demands for global awareness. The health crisis, which has now gained a worldwide dimension, could well change human behaviour and its future.

Today, it raises many questions, debates, social, political, medical and environmental realities. For this reason, UNIL is launching a new blog, « VIRAL », orchestrated by its Culture and Scientific Mediation Service, to follow, enlighten and document the COVID-19 crisis.

To achieve this, the partners gathered around this ambitious project are counting on the participation of the entire academic community of French-speaking Switzerland and are thus launching a call for contributions, written, audiovisual, creative, and regardless of academic levels and backgrounds or the approach of the editors.

Together for a « VIRAL » experience

The « VIRAL » blog’s primary mission is to take a reflexive look at the COVID-19 pandemic to generate knowledge and shed light on the multiple realities affected.

It is a platform, at the crossroads of many disciplines, that will allow future readers to learn from the past by enlightening the present, to document it and to think about the future. A participatory dimension is also planned, since visitors will be able to ask online questions to the academic community in order to better meet around common reflections. Finally, it will be possible to discover and participate in research projects referenced on the blog in connection with the crisis.

All the information on the « VIRAL » experience

University of Lausanne / Culture and Scientific Mediation Service