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Evaluating the effectiveness of Urban Low Emission Zones

The Issue

Until electric cars become commonplace, vehicles with internal combustion engines will remain a major contributor to air pollution. The UN predicts that some 70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, up from around 56% today. More urbanization means more traffic in urban areas, more air pollution and a negative impact on air quality, health and the climate. At the same time there’s growing pressure from civil society to reduce air pollutants, often through clean air campaigns.  As a result, policymakers are searching for ways to reduce our exposure to car emissions.

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How some websites spy on us

The Issue – Thousands of popular websites covertly harvest personal information typed into forms without users’ consent

When you’re filling in a form on a website, it may seem logical that what you’ve filled will only be  processed  once you hit the ‘submit’ button. However, the reality is that many popular websites contain scripts from third-party advertising, analytics and tracking firms which covertly collect the data that users type into online forms – even if this information is never formally submitted or you un-subscribe. This data is then monetised for targeted advertising and can also track users across a range of devices.

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Linkedin for job-seekers : from research to practical insights

Professor Franciska Krings, expert in workforce diversity and discrimination at HEC Lausanne (UNIL), met Robin van Känel, Director of Ricochets, an agency in Lausanne specialized in Linkedin communication, to exchange about good practices on this professional social network.

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