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Our research findings help managers, entrepreneurs and political leaders to make carefully considered decisions that take into account the economic, ecological and social consequences of their actions.
In this blog, we invite you to explore the wide range of work done by our researchers in areas of relevance today.

Finance & Insurance
Whether we view it as an instrument or driver of our economy, the financial system reflects the world’s state of health. Understanding how it works, its complexity but also its vulnerability and the risks it generates helps political decision-makers and key players in the system to anticipate better and plan for the future more effectively.Related articles

Economy & Society
Economic decisions have a direct impact on the development of our society. Learning to manage the synergies between the economic world, businesses and communities helps improve individuals’ living environments, deal with crises and conflicts, and support organizational development.Related articles

Operational management
What is the challenge facing businesses today? Deciding on processes that will be most effective and innovative in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. This can mean going against the tide of certain current practices or trends, for example in terms of locating production or approaches to marketing.Related articles

Leadership & Behavior
Understanding what governs and influences the behavior of individuals in social or commercial interactions, decision-making and leadership is the aim of the faculty’s economists and psychologists working in the field of organizational behavior.Related articles

Corporate Strategy & Business development
Researchers in this area explore, analyze or redefine the main pillars of corporate strategy and business development. Their work focuses on the design of business models that lie at the heart of a company, while observing the influence of the economic, social and political spheres, particularly in terms of ethics, social responsibility and institutional values.Related articles

To what extent does technological development offer new opportunities in areas such as the economy, management and business relationships?Related articles