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Ulrich Hoffrage is Full Professor of Organizational Behavior at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne.

His research interests include judgment and decision making (in particular: ethical, managerial, consumer, medical and group decision making), and simple heuristics as models of bounded rationality. Moreover, he also contributed to the literature on cognitive illusions (e.g., overconfidence and hindsight bias), risk communication, and decision support systems. He is fascinated by the complex interplay between the co-evolution of individuals and their environments.

He published in journals such as Science, Psychological Review, Psychological Bulletin and his research (about 100 publications) is well received (>9200 citations in Scholar.Google; >3200 in Web of Sciences).

He studied psychology in Konstanz (Germany), and obtained his PhD in Salzburg (Austria). Before he joined HEC Lausanne in 2004, he was a senior researcher at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development (Berlin).

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Full profile: www.hec.unil.ch/people/uhoffrage
A MOOC by Guido Palazzo and Ulrich Hoffrage: Unethical decision making in organizations: A seminar on the dark side of the force (free)