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Suzanne de Treville is an Honorary Professor of Operations Management at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne. Her research areas include:

Competitive manufacturing in a high-cost environment: see CDF calculator.

Supply chain management and lead time reduction: evaluation of the role of lead time reduction in supply chain improvement efforts. How and when organizations reduce the lead times for their operations.

Lean production: the system dynamics of JIT and lean production, the relationship between inventory reduction and learning, the impact of lean production systems on workers.

Process consistency improvement: the role of process documentation in improving process consistency, implementation issues in process documentation, the impact of requiring that workers perform operations as specified in the process documents on motivation.

Health care operations: the application of operations management tools and concepts in the health care management context.

Queuing theory-based mathematical modeling of operations.

Suzanne de Treville holds a DBA from Harvard Business School (USA).

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