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Marius Brülhart is Full Professor of Economics at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne.

His research is both academic and applied, and focuses mainly on public economics, regional and urban economics, and international trade.

Taxation: his research focuses on estimating “tax elasticities”, i.e. reactions by taxpayers to changing levels of taxation.

Fiscal federalism: he has examined how the interplay of policies across vertically nested layers of government affects economic outcomes.

Economic geography: he has explored the causes and consequences of within-country industrial agglomeration forces in a globalizing world.

International trade: his research has explored the effects of intra-industry trade on labor markets.

Marius Brülhart obtained a PhD in Economics from Trinity College Dublin in 1996.

He has advised a number of policy-making organizations including the Swiss government, the World Bank, the European Commission, and the OECD.

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