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To what extent does technological development offer new opportunities in areas such as the economy, management and business relationships?

How to Harness Open Technologies for Digital Platform Advantage

Open Technologies: Why businesses should play “the Digital Commons Ecosystem Game”

The issue

The next steps of digital transformation will definitively be driven thanks to open technologies hardware or software resource collaboratively developed and managed by a community. The open-source movement is having a major impact on businesses as open technologies are becoming an important strategic tool for digital and non-digital businesses alike. This is how companies are now building their digital infrastructure, from heavyweight technology companies to the latest startups in the market.

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How much of a risk are we taking with smart homes?

The IssueHow do smart technologies create or alter risks in the home

Smart homes may sound exciting with new technologies enabling devices that can cover everything from automated climate and lighting to virtual assistants, fridges that restock themselves and access controlled remotely via an app. But smart homes may also create new risks alongside the benefits they bring.

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How some websites spy on us

The Issue – Thousands of popular websites covertly harvest personal information typed into forms without users’ consent

When you’re filling in a form on a website, it may seem logical that what you’ve filled will only be  processed  once you hit the ‘submit’ button. However, the reality is that many popular websites contain scripts from third-party advertising, analytics and tracking firms which covertly collect the data that users type into online forms – even if this information is never formally submitted or you un-subscribe. This data is then monetised for targeted advertising and can also track users across a range of devices.

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