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Researchers in this area explore, analyze or redefine the main pillars of corporate strategy and business development. Their work focuses on the design of business models that lie at the heart of a company, while observing the influence of the economic, social and political spheres, particularly in terms of ethics, social responsibility and institutional values.

How to Harness Open Technologies for Digital Platform Advantage

Open Technologies: Why businesses should play “the Digital Commons Ecosystem Game”

The issue

The next steps of digital transformation will definitively be driven thanks to open technologies hardware or software resource collaboratively developed and managed by a community. The open-source movement is having a major impact on businesses as open technologies are becoming an important strategic tool for digital and non-digital businesses alike. This is how companies are now building their digital infrastructure, from heavyweight technology companies to the latest startups in the market.

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Linkedin for job-seekers : from research to practical insights

Professor Franciska Krings, expert in workforce diversity and discrimination at HEC Lausanne (UNIL), met Robin van Känel, Director of Ricochets, an agency in Lausanne specialized in Linkedin communication, to exchange about good practices on this professional social network.

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Regulating digital technologies: Lessons from the GDPR

The Issue – regulating digital technologies

Regulators are increasingly enacting laws and putting forward policy guidelines and regulatory proposals for digital markets and the European Union plays a key role in setting these global standards. The European Parliament has also just agreed to establish new rules for competition and consumer rights in the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and the Digital Services Act (DSA), which are likely to come into force in 2024. Similarly, a roadmap for the regulation of Artificial Intelligence is on the way.

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