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Relevant research for policy makers, business and society

Recognized as one of Europe’s foremost teaching and research centers in the fields of management and economics, HEC Lausanne stands out by the importance it attaches to sound research, which has been embedded in its DNA for more than a century.

We conduct research to help uncover the fundamental mechanisms and dynamics governing the economic world — be they of strategic, operational, financial, technological, legal, behavioral or ethical nature. Through our research, we ultimately train and inform current and future leaders, entrepreneurs and policy makers.

We invite you to discover, in this blog, the wealth of research conducted by academics at HEC Lausanne in key topical areas: Corporate Strategy & Business development, Operational management, Economy & Society, Finance & Insurance, Leadership & Behavior, and Technology.

Aimed at a broad audience, the articles are delivered in a practitioner language, while retaining the essence of the original works from their authors. You can follow the publication of new articles on  Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

What will the world of tomorrow be like?

Research at HEC Lausanne falls principally into two categories: understanding the business environment and understanding individuals’ decision-making. The knowledge uncovered by our research helps business leaders and policy makers make carefully considered decisions, taking into account the economic, ecological and social consequences of their actions.

Understanding the business environment

One aims at understanding the macro-forces that shape the current business environment, e.g., the financial system, macro policies, globalization, technological changes, international conflicts, the role of the media, the societal push for CSR, and many others. Our School analyses how the global environment is changing and how organizations can adapt.

Understanding individuals’ decision-making

The other stream is targeted toward better understanding micro-behaviors that determine individuals’ decision-making — beyond rational decision-making — notably through experimental approaches. Fairness and reciprocity, fast and frugal heuristics, learning effects and incentive effects are among the numerous effects that we analyze. The applications are numerous and relate to various fields: economics, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, and business ethics.

The research teams

Research at HEC Lausanne is conducted within ten departments that group together more than 350 researchers, including some of the most prominent specialists in their fields. Their studies make a significant contribution to the scientific and economic debate and are published in leading international scientific journals.

Our researchers’ profiles are available on our central website. You will also find a short biography of the contributors to this blog on the experts’ page.