Useful links

Useful resources available to students, graduates and alumni of HEC Lausanne for creating and managing their own professional projects.

Job offers

  • job portal dedicated exclusively to the HEC students.
  • online platform for internships in start ups run by an association of HEC Lausanne students, HEC Espace Entreprise.
  • job portal provided by the Service, Orientation and Career of the University of Lausanne.

General employment platforms and job search engine sites

  • job plateform for job offers in different fields and organizations, with an option to receive a Newsletter containing offers matching your search criteria.
  • online job portal with new employments ads every day. Possibility to subscribe for a job alert/ newsletter based on your search criterias.
  • online job portal in the french speaking part of Switzerland. Possibility to depose your CV and create a job alerte.
  • online job portal of the french speaking part of Switzerland.
  • Job search engine. Gather job offers from numerous job websites.
  • a job search engine. Gather job offers from numerous job websites.
  • talendo: swiss job portal for students and graduates.
  • Spring Professional: Job portal provided by Spring Professional, a subsidiary of the Adecco Group.

Specialized job portal

  • job website in the sector of banking, finance, accounting and insurance in Switzerland and abroad.
  • a website specially designed for economists, with the possibility of finding jobs, courses or announcements of conferences

Employment platforms (international)

  • highered: EFMD’s platform for international internship, graduate and full-time positions
  • NGO providing internships abroad to students
  • an international network of information services for volunteers, workers and travelers who wish to go abroad
  • : Job vacancies in the Department of foreign affairs, in the ambassies and in general consulates.
  • career opportunities at international level
  • publication of details of jobs in the EU institutions

NGO and international development

  • Center for Information, Counselling and Training for Professions relating to International Cooperation. You’ll find a job plateforme there.
  • WTO e-Recruitment: vacancies within the World Trade Organization
  • to find volunteer opportunities, internships, jobs and organizations in the non-profit sector
  • the CAGI NGO employment exchange service is a space for putting online jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities with NGOs (associations or foundations).
  • Ressource for job listings and training programs for humanitarians.
  • Impact Pool: jobs within the UN organization.
  • ads for jobs with UN agencies, NGOs and international organizations
  • useful ads and information on international development organizations and projects

Research and academic jobs

  • job offers for academics and scientists, useful information on employment and research in Switzerland.
  • Jobs in business schools.
  • MotorTalk: Jobs in the automotive industry

Defining your professional project and making applications

Job interview

  • Guide questions in job interviews: A complete guide of interview questions in 2018.
  • wepow: Solutions for video interviews. Possibility to create an account for free in order to train for a eventual video job interview.

Case studies and assessment center

Company profile

  • efficient search engine for gathering information about swiss firms confirmed by the Swiss Chamber of Commerce .
  • greatplacetowork: identification of the best companies to work for based on a survey.
  • Glassdoor: Evaluation of entreprises by the employees. Information about interview questions, salary and career.

Information about Salary

  • Salary calculator by the federal statistic office
  • Glassdoor: Evaluation of entreprises by the employees. Information about interview questions, salary and career.
  • Staufenbiel: (allemand) Informations about job interview, salary and career

Recruitment agencies