HOLT Valuation Challenge

Dear Student,

The HOLT Valuation Challenge is offering you a chance to interview for opportunities with Credit Suisse HOLT and their affiliates! Other prizes include:

  • HOLT Lens™ licenses – premium investment tool
  • Invitations to Networking Events around the globe
  • Win access to select courses


Exclusive Prize!

More than 40 top past performers have gone on to secure internships or full-time positions with Credit Suisse!

Start the game today, learn a new valuation methodology and submit your Investment Pitch to Credit Suisse HOLT professionals by June 30th!

The challenge is evaluated entirely on your performance and is open to Bachelor, Master, MBA or PHD students from any university.

I am surprised by the amount of exposure the HOLT internship offered me. One of my most memorable moments was when I saw an article in Barron’s about a piece that my team published. It felt almost surreal to me to think that I had contributed to a publication that was being mentioned by a magazine that is read by business and global leaders.

Rada, HOLT Sector Specialist CO-OP NY with Global Co-Head of HOLT, Jim Ostry. Santiago