Career Lunch Grant

The Career Lunch is a grant given to doctoral and post-doctoral students (from third year onward) to meet a professor outside of the University of Lausanne over a meal in order to obtain advice on the advancement of their academic career (for example career strategy, reconciliation of family life and work, application form).



Busra Gencer, PhD student at the departement of operations

How did the Career Lunch grant help you in your career?

Being able to be advised by a third person who provides an external view on my personal and professional accomplishments without a conflict of interest was valuable, since the decisions made at this stage of the career have a big impact on the career advancement. This lunch helped me to organize my thoughts about my possible career paths and to position myself in the job market.

 What are the insights useful for your career?

  • Train your soft skills
  • Choose the people you work with, do not concentrate on prestigious institution names

For further information about her lunch, you can contact her by mail :