The Committee

Presentation and mission

The HEC Equal Opportunity Committee is a committe of the HEC faculty whose purpose is to promote equality within the faculty. A Faculty’s action plan defines the objectives and measures to be taken and the HEC Equal Opportunity Committee is in charge of implementing, monitoring, and developing the action plan.

The Female Career Award and the Career Lunch Grant are the two key actions of the HEC Equal Opportunity Committee for the encouragement of young female researchers. The Female Career Award gives an award to a woman with an outstanding academic career outside of HEC. Its mission is to make visible and honor female academic careers and to encourage young female researchers at HEC to pursue an academic career. The Career Lunch Grant provides advices to doctoral and post-doctoral female students on how to advance their academic career.

The activities of the HEC Equal Opportunity Committee are part of the Faculty’s action plan. Their purpose is the promotion of equality within the faculty. The 5 axes are :

  • Encouragement and support the next generation of female academics
  • Advancement of women’s academic careers
  • Reconciliation of the different spheres of life
  • Awareness raising and to development of skills regarding equality
  • Anchorage of equality in the faculty governance

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