Harvard Business Publishing Education curated a few teaching resources to celebrate Women’s History Month in a recent newsletter.

Celebrate Women’s History Month

While women should be included and highlighted in course material year-round, March gives many educators a special opportunity to bring women’s stories and successes into the classroom. Women have always influenced the course of history and continue to do so today. HBP Education wants to provide you with materials that highlight women and their countless business contributions.

If you want more direction on women-centered content to include in your course material, look through our curated collections and find the best fit for your classroom:


These articles from Inspiring Minds can help further the discussion about how including materials featuring women in your courses can impact the gender gap in the workforce.

The case for Female Protagonists

While the gender gap is closing in the workforce, business education still falls behind. Read to find out what educators
can do to right this imbalance.

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Women at Work: The Challenge of Being Your True Self

Enter a discussion on the challenges women face
when showing up in the workplace, and check out
more resources for bringing this conversation into
the classroom.

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How Business Schools Can Help Close the Gender Gap

Business education is poised to make a meaningful impact on the gender gap in the workforce.

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