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Already 20 years ago, the need to approach environmental challenges led a number of visionaries from different UNIL faculties to create the FGSE...
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20 years: it is something to celebrate! !

En 2023, la FGSE aura 20 ans. Vous vous sentez l’âme d’un party-planner ? Prêt à vous impliquer ?
Rejoignez alors le comité de la fête des 20 ans de la FGSE !
Lire l'invitation du Décanat.


Faculté news

What environmental changes await the fjords of southern Greenland? Discover the project of Laine Chanteloup and Samuel Jaccard funded by Swiss Polar Institute.
Restoring biodiversity: local initiatives under scrutiny. Gretchen Walters relates her transdisciplinary project funded by an ERA-NET action.
Mikhail Kanevski has received the European Geosciences Union award. Learn more about his work in the field of environmental data processing.
An international team coordinated by Johanna Marin Carbonne (ISTE) was able to measure micropyrites in modern microbial mats in Cuba and Mexico. They present their results in a new publication.
The productivity of vegetation above the tree line has increased in almost 80% of the Alps in the last 40 years. Grégoire Mariethoz and Antoine Guisan tell us about this work.

The Geoblog is waiting for your contributions!

A publication, a project that is taking shape or simply the desire to share your research: do not hesitate to contact us! In July, discover the summer series: a month of research at sea on board a scientific boat with Delphine Gilliard from ISTE; as if you were there, a logbook in 4 parts!

Calls & events

SDGs Collaborative Funding Call

Pilot call for consortia of 3 countries (Chile, China, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Tanzania, the Netherlands, Turkey, South Africa), this fund aims to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs by putting into practice the results of ongoing or recently finalized research. All about this call. Deadline step 1 : 25 Aug 2022

CROSS 2023: "Crise"

The CROSS 2023 program invites teams from EPFL and UNIL to submit proposals for joint projects that combine natural sciences and engineering with social sciences and humanities. Learn more.
Deadline : 25 Aug 2022

Leading House Asia and Latin America grants

For Asia, E and S-E:
* Innovation Partnership Grants – cooperation between Swiss researchers and non-academic innovation partners.
* Opportunity Grants – initiatives from Swiss researchers, linked to specific events.
For Latin America:
* Consolidation Grant supports cooperation between Switzerland and Latin America.
Deadlines: 31 July 2022

Junior scientists

PROWD: Workshop for women career

You have been a PhD student for less than 3 years? You are in a non-stabilized position at UNIL? Are you available from October 2022 to May 2023? Read more about this career support offer for women.
Deadline : 3 July 2022

FNS Postdoc Mobility

You are within 9 months before and up to 3 years after your PhD exam? This scholarship can offer 24 months of scholarship abroad and 3 to 12 months of return phase in Switzerland. Read more.
Deadline : 1 Aug 2022

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships

You are within 8 years of your PhD and ready to travel? Check out the two opportunities offered by this 2-year European scholarship. Read more.
Deadline : 14 Sept 2022

Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowship

You defended your thesis after Nov 1, 2019 and are interested in a postdoc in Israel? The Azrieli International Postdoctoral Fellowship may be for you. Read more.
Deadline : 15 Nov 2022

Do not hesitate to contact your consultante recherche if you have any questions about the calls or wish a review of your application!
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Open Science

Quality control in scientific publishing: your opinion counts!

Would you like to share your experience as an editor, reviewer or author? This anonymous survey will help establish the quality assurance process in scientific publishing. Learn more and participate to EQUAP2! !

ORD: Academies set up a sounding board

Want to shape the research data landscape of tomorrow? Submit your application to participate in the "sounding board" of the Open Research Data Action Plan by August 7, 2022. Learn more.

Wandering research... flowers of mind and other derived products...

The belief in an external world independent of the perceiving subject is the basis of all natural science. Since, however, sense perception only gives information of this external world or of "physical reality" indirectly, we can only grasp the latter by speculative means.
It follows from this that our notions of physical reality can never be final. We must always be ready to change these notions—that is to say, the axiomatic basis of physics—in order to do justice to perceived facts in the most perfect way logically.

Albert Einstein
(The World as I See It, 1934)
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Photo: RF. Italia illustrata, éd 1527

Submitted to your sagacity: how many maps did the geographical work "Italia illustrata" published in 1474 by Flavio Biondo contain? The answer here!

Quizz Webmapping FGSE #2

Who has expertise in :
• Commons
• Decolonial perspective
• Ecofeminism
• Environmental justice
• Intersectionality
• Resource appropriation
• Social inequalities
Send the mystery name to communication-gse@unil.ch before the 15/07/2022 and win a prize from La boutique UNIL!
Awarded by random draw, among the eligible people who sent the right answers! To be eligible for the prizes of our Webmapping challenges in this and the following Geonews: you are an assistant, a PhD student, or a research PAT and you have filled in your profile and your keywords in Unisciences? That's perfect! If you have not yet filled in your profile and activated your keywords, do so in a few clicks via MyUnil, then try your luck!


Verrecchia _IMG_2464
Crédit photo: E.Verrecchia

This photograph of stromatolite domes from the Ottawa River Valley in Canada, is part of the works exhibited at La Grange de Dorigny as part of the exhibition Dédié.e. à sa propre allure. This exhibition, to which Eric Verrecchia and Alexandra Demers-Roberge contributed, brings together scientists and artists who have been inspired by the growth of minerals to create evolutionary works.
Glaciers, laboratories, meetings...
Your pictures are welcome! Send them to communication-gse@unil.ch.
Find the Geonews archives on GSE Recherche page.
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