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Message from the Vice Dean

Supporting and encouraging the careers of our young researchers is a priority of the Décanat and we place this Geonews of the first days of spring under the sign of the new generation. Read more...

Reminder: vademecums, supervisory committee...

Everything you ever wanted to know about monitoring committees (and much more) is in the Vademecum for PhD students and the Vademecum for supervisos.
The dicastère reminds you that supervisors are required to organize supervision committees on an annual basis. The end of the first year, thesis report must be sent to the Décanat via the Secrétariat des doctorants.

In focus

FGSE expertise Webmapping: we are in, but are you in?!

* Webmapping challenge * Who has chosen as keywords: Archaeometry, Climate change, Geological Crisis, Ore deposits, Stable isotopes...? To discover it, have a look at the Webmapping!
* Send the mystery name at communication-gse@unil.ch before 31/03/2022 and win a gift from La boutique UNIL! *
Awarded by random draw, among the eligible people who sent the right answers! To be eligible for the prizes of our Webmapping challenges in this and the following Geonews: you are an assistant, a PhD student, a 1st assistant or a research PAT and you have filled in your profile and your keywords in Unisciences? That's perfect! If you have not yet filled in your profile and activated your keywords, do so in a few clicks via MyUnil, then try your luck! !

Seisme 3.0 in Geopolis entrance hall

Combining artistic and scientific approaches, Seisme 3.0 allows to visualize the seismic shocks recorded on Earth, with balls of different sizes that fall in the sand. Follow this link to learn more about this project by György Hétenyi, Mathias Dessimoz and Nicolas Elsig, funded by the FINV.
In 60 days, more than 11'000 earthquakes were recorded, including 33 with a magnitude greater than 6

Faculté news

Otemma glacier : how to link participative research and Bachelor work? Discover the fieldwork with Stuart Lane (IDYST), Margaux Hofmann and Valentin Tanniger.
Waste management in South Asia: what impact of the COVID-19 pandemic? René Véron (IGD) and Swetha Rao Dhananka present their new SNF-SPIRIT project in Nepal and Sri Lanka on the Géoblog.
Where does gold come from? Now this precious metal has its geoforensic passport. Discover the Innosuisse project of Barbara Beck.
Gianalberto Losapio
What happens to biodiversity when glaciers disappear? Gianalberto Losapio reveals his Ambizione project on the colonization of plants, insects and pioneer micro-organisms and the network they build when environment changes.

Coming soon on Geoblog: Delphine Gilliard's logbook, back from a research mission in the Atlantic!

The Geoblog is reorganizing and awaits your contributions!

The Faculty blog has been revamped: discover its new sections!

Calls and events

Solution-oriented Research for Development (SOR4D)

SOR4D's goal is to open new pathways for sustainable development (and the 17 SDGs) and reduce poverty in low-income countries. SOR4D thus supports international transdisciplinary research that brings solutions and innovations. Read more. Deadline: 2 May

New scheme: SNSF Consolidator Grants 2022

Transitional measure replacing ERC Consolidator Grant, for which Swiss institutions are not eligible. Budget: CHF 1.75 million, maximum five years. Eligibility: PhD obtained between 7 and 12 years ago. Check the call document on the SNF website! Pre-registration deadline: 2 May

FNS Sinergia: New call deadline

Warning: the deadline for submission of Sinergia 2022 applications is May 16, 2022 at 5:00 pm. Sinergia promotes the interdisciplinary collaboration of two to four applicants. More information.


Since this year, UNIL offers Premium access to the FUNDRAISO database. It will help you find among the more than 13'000 foundations, associations or companies, those for your projects.
Two FGSE applicants compete in the 6th UNIL edition of "ma thèse en 180 secondes", on March 17th 2022! More information.
Follow the calls, regular seminars and other activities from CLIMACT, this dynamic UNIL-EPFL research center, dedicated to both research and the promotion of the fight against global warming.
During the week Against racial discrimination, the Commission Égalité of FGSE organises a conference and discussion in the form of a round table Wednesday, March 23.

Junior scientists

Six Early Career Postdoctoral Fellowships in Geoscience and Environment

This initiative is designed to support early career scientists, exciting new scientific research and foster collaborations within the faculty. Deadline: 15 March.

Read more.

Teaching discharge for Postdoc

UNIL Directuin helps post-doctoral fellows to build up a research profile by encouraging them to apply for research funding from the SNSF, among others. Deadline: 30 April.
Read more

Follow the training, events and workshop offred by APNS (Assocociation of Postdocs in Natural Sciences) and activities of ACIGE (Assocociation du corps intermédiaire GSE)

Open Science

New unlimited publication licence with PLOS

UNIL now covers publication fees for the 12 PLOS journals to UNIL/CHUV corresponding authors. See UNIL dediceted page for the process to follow of this and other publishers.

Wandering research... flowers of mind and other derived products...

No patience, no science.
Jean-Pierre Jarroux

Any idea? What is this geological instrument in the picture? The answer here !


Credit: P. Vittoz
Have you noticed these plants at UNIL? To discover the floral and faunal biodiversity of the campus, visit the inventory coordinated by P. Vittoz (IDYST, FGSE) and Ph. Christe (DEE, FBM), and carried out by several biology students and PhD candidates in the framework of the UNIL Biodiversity Observatory.
Glaciers, laboratories, meetings...
Your pictures are welcome! Send them to communication-gse@unil.ch.
Find the Geonews archives on GSE Recherche page.
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