Premium Access to FUNDRAISO for UNIL

Since 2022, the University of Lausanne provides premium access to the FUNDRAISO.

This database gathers more than 13’000 foundations, associations, or companies, which support individual funding (grants etc.) as well as research projects or equipment.

The premium access, allows you to better target your search for funding not only by using keywords, but also by headings (left menu). You can also extract in pdf or Excel format the lists of foundations that you have selected (star on the right of the foundations). You can also benefit from a regular update of your favorite foundations and receive notifications when a new entity is created. Searches can be performed in 4 different languages. 

To benefit from this access, your computer must have an IP address from UNIL (or CHUV, UniSanté and other associated hospitals).

FUNDRAISO is an excellent complement to UNIL4Research datasae, which provides information on international funds (particularly in Europe and the US).