Financial support for parents

UNIL support

The Bureau de l’égalité (Equal Opportunities Office) may grant financial assistance to PhD students, first assistants, junior or senior SNF researchers of UNIL for a preschool children, namely:

A contribution to the additional costs of childcare due to conference attendance or other scientific activities (conference, field work, etc.).

See conditions and formulaires on UNIL website !

Consult Families at UNIL and Egality at UNIL to find out about all the opportunities.

SNSF support

PhD students and Postdoc employed in a research project funded by the SNSF, Ambizione, PRIMA, may also apply for Flexibilité Grant.

A Flexibility Grant can be used in different ways:

  1. to finance the employment of a scientist, technician or student as a support person within the scope of the research project funded by the SNSF. The grant towards the salary costs of a support person allows researchers to reduce their work quota to a minimum quota of 60% and hire a support person. The beneficiary of the grant can also apply for a Flexibility Grant to finance a support person without reducing his/her own work quota. In such cases the support person’s work quota will be 20%.
  2. to cover the actual costs of external child care arrangements (up to an upper limit).
  3. Doctoral students may only apply for a grant to cover child care costs, but not for the employment of a support person.

SNSF Care offers support to panel members, guests or speakers participating in SNSF events who have care responsibilities for children or other persons. The scheme provides financial contributions towards the cost of travelling, accommodation and food. In addition, the SNSF can organise care for children and other dependent persons who need to come along, or it will cover the cost of care for those staying at home. It is also possible to claim the cost of caregivers travelling with the panel member, guest or speaker.